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How do I appeal the deactivation or closure of my ORO Bank account?
How do I appeal the deactivation or closure of my ORO Bank account?
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We understand the frustration that comes with having your account closed and want to assure you that we never take such action without a valid reason. If you're not happy with this decision, you have the right to appeal.

We are committed to providing transparency while ensuring that you are fully informed and supported throughout the appeals procedure.

Initiating an Appeal

Request an Appeal: To initiate an appeal, you can follow the instructions provided on how to make an appeal on our platform.

Submission of Information: During the appeal process, you may be required to provide additional information and details, including bank account information outside of ORO bank where any refunded balances can be transferred.

Timeline for Review: The time taken to review your appeal may vary depending on the complexity of the case. Rest assured, we strive to keep you informed of the status and provide you with an estimated timeline for resolution.

Required Information and Documentation

  • Bank account details for refund processing

  • Additional information to support your appeal

  • Any relevant documentation that may aid in the review process

Estimated Timelines

The timeline for reviewing an appeal may vary based on individual cases.

We are dedicated to resolving appeals as promptly as possible while ensuring a thorough assessment of the situation.

Understanding Your Rights

We encourage clients to exercise their right to appeal in cases of account deactivation or closure.

In addition to the appeals process, you also have the option to request a review of your case by submitting a complaint.

A complaint review focuses on assessing the service quality, adherence to agreements, and does not impact the appeal process related to deactivation or refund timelines.

Transparency and Support

We are committed to transparency throughout the appeals process, ensuring that you are informed of the progress and any additional requirements promptly.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you and providing the necessary guidance to navigate through the appeals procedure effectively.

For further information on the appeals process and your rights as a client, please refer to the detailed guidelines provided on our platform. We value your trust in ORO bank and are here to support you through this challenging period.

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