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Why I have never heard of full reserve bank until today?
Why I have never heard of full reserve bank until today?
Updated over a week ago

There are several reasons why you might not have heard about full reserve banking until today:

Fractional Reserve Banking is Everywhere

Most banks work by using some of the money people deposit to lend to others. This is how almost all banks operate, so it's what most people know about.

Rules and Regulations

Not all places have rules that allow for a type of bank that keeps all the deposited money just sitting there, ready to be taken out at any time. Because of these rules, you don't see or hear about full reserve banks very much.

It's for a Specific Group of People

Full reserve banking is a bit like a specialty store that not everyone knows about or visits. It's designed for people who really want to make sure their money is safe and don't mind not earning extra money from it sitting in the bank.

It's Getting More Attention Now

Recently, more people are starting to look for different options than the usual banks, especially with new technology and after some problems with traditional banks. But it's still something that's growing in popularity, so not everyone has heard about it yet.

What People Learn and Hear About:
Usually, when people learn about banks, they hear about the common types that lend money and offer various services. Since full reserve banking is less common, it doesn't get talked about as much in everyday conversations or in the media.

Learn more about the differences between Full Reserve Bank and Traditional Bank here:

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