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Who is ORO Bank for?
Updated over a week ago

ORO Bank aims to welcome everyone over time and we are working to continually expand the list of countries from which you can open an ORO Bank account. For the current list of countries, see our FAQ entitled Which countries can I open an ORO Bank account from?.

Our inclusive approach extends to all individuals and entities aligned with the values of Bhutan, including those typically not served by traditional banks, such as startups, fintech companies, and other businesses. If you fit the following, ORO Bank is for you!

  • I am a startup and don’t have enough track record to open a bank account

  • I am in a disruptive industry and banks don’t understand my biz model

  • I am a self-employed Influencer / globetrotting entrepreneur and don’t fit the traditional corporate structure. *Restrictions may apply.

  • I love Bhutan!! Sustainability, Wellness and Financial Independence resonates with me.

Due to regulatory requirements specific to Bhutan, we are unable to allow Bhutanese nationals to open accounts at this time. Bhutanese may open an account with DK Limited’s DK Bank division at

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